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Leaf Clean-Up Services

One of the reasons (and best motives) to live in a home with a yard instead of an apartment is that you can fully enjoy endless moments of relaxation and entertainment together with your family and friends. Children playing with their pets all summer long in the back yard, your friends attending your late summer night parties, your traditional Sunday family barbecues they are all ways of disengaging from the daily maddening life we live. Having a lawn and a garden to relax or entertain in, is a dream come true for many people. Until they have to clean up their properties, that is.

What is So Special about Yard Clean-ups?

Well, if you think a leaf blower is enough, you haven’t lived through a really messy fall or winter. The larger the property, the more difficult regular or occasional clean ups are. Countywide Landscape knows just how annoying, time-consuming, and exhausting a full yard cleanup can be. After all, we have been servicing the area since 200\0 and we know how challenging cleaning up after fall can sometimes be.

Let’s change perspective and see what improper yard cleanups can lead to:

  • Accumulation of wet, dead leaves on the ground can lead to pest infestations, weed promotion and disease spreading.
  • Piles of vegetal or inorganic debris usually make the best hiding places for damaging insects or small wildlife pests (like mice and rodents).
  • A poorly cleaned lawn and yard lowers your property’s looks and curb appeal, promoting a messy, untidy and unappealing sensation that won’t sit well with your family and friends.
  • No matter what type of debris lies around, it can obstruct the use of pathways, alleys and even driveways.
  • If food scraps and after-party trash and debris are not properly removed you risk infesting your property with pests and diseases. In such cases, a cockroach infestation taking over your house is one of the most dreaded things to have happen.

What Can Our Company Do for You?

Because we are a local family owned company, we know from experience that people prefer to get the help they need, when they needed it, without worrying about being forced to buy other services or sign a contract.

  • This is why we offer on-the-spot cleanup services when you need them without constraining you to sign a year-long contract with us for instance.
  • We also offer you the possibility to have us service your lawn year-round and perform seasonal cleanups. Spring cleanups are mandatory for your lawn and landscape to thrive healthily, while fall cleanups represent a good prevention measure against weeds, pests and diseases.
  • We can also come to your house and make your property look new, tidy and clean.

Why Should You Choose Us Instead of the Competition?

Our team is licensed and certified to perform all types of seasonal or one-time cleanups. We use only the latest equipment to make sure all your assets are protected (the environment, hardscapes and outdoor structures).

A cleaning job may sound easy and unpretentious, but we want to offer you the highest industry standards and full satisfaction with our services. This is why we back up any cleaning activity with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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