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While everyone knows that landscaping companies are needed to maintain plants, what happens if you begin with a mostly empty yard? Before someone can care for your grass and plants, you need something installed first! Going through a nursery or a dedicated landscape design service may prove costly. Even if you keep your design choices simple, it can soon add up. When you need help with your annual and seasonal flower planting, it shouldn’t cost a fortune. That’s why more homeowners in the Delaware & Chester County, community trust one company above all others. Since 2000, Countywide Landscape has made short work of planting plants in flowerbeds and keeping them lush and vibrant for longer. We provide the best service and care and lower pricing on every yard we assist. If you’re worried about cost or hiring for services you don’t need, we offer your best yards at reduced prices. When you select us for your home, we provide personalized care for all your plants! Choose us for your best landscape planting options. From seeds to trees, we can give you the perfect planting service each time!

What We Do

Some yard installers provide a limited selection of plants, while other companies will just install whatever you tell them. However, both scenarios fail to give your yard what it needs for its best appearance. Our team knows what plants thrive in our region, as well as which ones you should avoid. From burnt out grass to yard renovation projects, we can make the most of your landscaping budget!

Call us for your best landscape plant installation services. We’ll give you the backyard oasis you’ve always wanted with:

  • Wildflower Installations
  • New Grass Seed & Sod
  • Shrubs & Bush Planting
  • Mature Tree Installation
  • New Tree Planting
  • Flower Garden Installation
  • Annual Flower Services
  • Seasonal Flower Planting
  • New Flowerbed Installations
  • Privacy Hedges
  • Landscape Planning
  • Soil Preparation Services
  • Themed Garden Spaces
  • Outdoor Living Areas
  • And many more landscape planting services!

Don’t spend too much on your new grass and plant installations. Instead, choose the expert team of landscaping professionals who save you more on every job! For your best plant installation services, you can always trust us to get it done right. Call today to hire us for your yard!

Why Our Team?

Many homeowners believe plant installations require dropping seeds into the dirt. However, to give your new plants a fighting chance, you need much more than that! Our team has the experience you need to know how to give your installations the right mix of nutrition and resources. When you create ideal growing conditions first, it ensures long-living plants! Other companies may only worry about the physical end of your job, rushing to bury whatever plants you already purchased. Instead, we don’t even touch your plants until we know the yard is ready! Call Countywide Landscape today for your best in landscape plant installation services. We achieve better growing results for more plants and affordable pricing every day!

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