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Irrigation Repairs

Sprinkler System Repair Services

Since 2000, Countywide Landscape has been providing residential and commercial sprinkler system maintenance and repairs in the area. We are licensed and insured professionals that have the tools and experience necessary to maintain or repair your lawns sprinkler system, no matter who installed it.

Countywide Landscape offers the best sprinkler system service in the area. Our technicians have years of experience in the sprinkler repair industry and are capable of diagnosing and repairing every component of your in ground sprinkler system. Our sprinkler repair vehicles are equipped with an abundance of parts including sprinkler heads, valves, fittings, and timers to make sure that your sprinkler repair service goes smoothly.

Our Sprinkler Repair Services Include:

  • Complete Sprinkler System Checkup
  • ‍Identify and Repair Coverage Problems
  • ‍Locate and Repair Sprinkler Leaks
  • ‍Replace Broken Sprinklers or Nozzles
  • ‍Repair Broken Sprinkler Fittings and Pipes
  • ‍Repair or Replace Controller
  • ‍Repair Broken Wires & Solenoids
  • ‍Repair and/or Replace Electric Valves
  • ‍Replace or Repair Rain Sensors
  • ‍Raise or Lower Sprinklers
  • ‍Repair or Add Drip Irrigation
  • ‍Replace or Repair Shut-Off Valve to Sprinkler System
  • ‍Replace or Repair Backflow Preventer
  • ‍Add Sprinkler Heads
  • ‍Add Zone(s) to Existing Systems
  • ‍Identify and Repair Low Pressure Situations

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